Just a little something I want to share with you..

Just a little something I want to share with you..

COVID-19, lockdowns, travelling is harder due the restrictions, forced quarantine, red zones etc. Due the lockdown in Belgium I 'can't' work, as most of my clients are private people and we are only allowed to shoot b2b. So decided to focus a bit more on the online shop.

As I own a business, photography is my fulltime job and I can't make that much new content I had to find ways to make money and still have my monthly income to live life. So I made my own shop, where I sell everything myself to create a better relationship and work closer with all my customers and clients. Since the promoting of my presets and more, I saw an increase of unfollowers on a daily base. As I'm still ending my days with a positive new followers statistic i'm ok with it. I guess the stories where I promote my items in bothered some of those that unfollowed, but the fact is, we all need to make money to survive this pandemic. Especially with all the restrictions and rules for fulltime and part time business owners..

My aim is not to bother you, but to reach the people that are seeking the stuff I sell. And as I daily gain new followers and reach an average of 2-300.000 accounts, I want to make those people see the items I sell to be sure make some sales like every other company wants to make daily sales to keep the business running. So many people had to close down their shop during these months, so many small business owners that doesn't make any money to survive as nobody supports them. It's the same with getting 15k wheels or 5k carbon parts and not being able to pay the 200 Euro for the photos you ask your local photographer to take. That's how those small business owners are forced to close down. I don't force anyone to buy my presets, the prints that I am going to sell in the future or download my free wallpapers. My point is, (with aim to all the haters that unfollow because of my daily advertising), just respect the effort and the grind that we as small business owners have to do to survive this shit pandemic. I see a lot of others also posting their items that they sell on a daily base as we all struggle, we all want to get the cash in that we need to pay our taxes, bills, food.. So please accept the post we make to be able to live, with just accepting and not being bothered by it, you already support what we do.

I started my business mid 2019 with almost zero savings on my bank account as I always wanted to be self employed but before doing this, my goal was creating a base of contacts by quiting my jobs a couple times to be able to travel and have the time to build up what I want. I had days, not so many years ago (I guess 2 years max) where I didn't even had €100,- on my account because of the decisions I made to pursue my dreams. And still, during those days I had a smile on my face because I was doing the thing I wanted to do. But it was hard, especially because I had to work for everything I own and wanted myself. So yeah, after having bad feelings and being scared to fail in the self employed world I decided to go all in with the few savings I had 1,5 years ago.

The beginning was a rollercoaster, I had a monthly estimated goal that I had to make just to being able to get through the months being self employed as now it was for real and I didn't want to fail. Now, almost 2 years later, I'm happier than ever and I feel so free.. Having my family & friends that supports me, having the best girlfriend a man can ever wish for that supports you.. And as last all the people that booked shoots with me, bought presets, supported me with a like, a follow.. Because of you people I am able to do what I want. Because of those who support my small business and accept the advertising I do on a daily base, the grind, you guys are lifesavers! I appreciate all of you and I respect the people that made it this far reading my little story. If you ever doubt about yourself, if you struggle atm and not knowing what to do but you still have that goal you want in life, go pursue it and never ever give up on your dreams.

As hard as it is now, better times will come and I believe in you. You all are legends. Share this with everyone, everyone with a small business, everyone that has a dream.. Much love!


Much love,


  • Nathi de Chef Mbaba

    You are an inspiration to small business owners like myself, I’m encouraged and motivated by your story and I believe happy days will definitely come it’s a matter of patience and consistency.

    Keep doing what you love most and never shift your eyes on the target.

    Much love. 🚀🇿🇦

  • Cristian

    I support the grind ! dont settle for less this is your work and you are sharing it to millions of people that admire it all . you are absolutely legendary

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